Casting Insights with Ryan Jay Slater

As the first episode I wanted to jump right into the room where it all happens. The audition room.

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There is a lot of mystery and misunderstanding that actors have about the process of casting and the role of casting directors themselves.  It’s hard to know what is the most effective way to stay in touch, how do you find out who is casting what, and what are the best practices for setting myself up in the room to do my best work. I reached out to a friend of mine from back in the day to help me tackle this topic.

Ryan has grown up in and around the industry, and has put in serious work in both acting and casting. His mother, Mary Jo Slater, is a cornerstone in the casting community in Los Angeles and brought both him and his brother, Christian, into the business early on. Seeing the mechanics of networking, pitching, writing sessions, auditions, final decisions, and working on set he brings a truly unique and  valuable perspective to the conversation.

3:00 – How did you find your way into casting?

4:40 – How has casting changed?

12:00 – Building and maintaining casting relationships.

15:32 – How to stay competitive as an actor.

21:17 – Advice about the business of acting. 

22:53 – Audition prep.