Manage Your Business with Sarah Siadat

Often the most effective plans come from seeking guidance from others who have been there before you.

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Sarah has built her business, Mentoring for Actors, around these ideas. She motivates so many actors through workshops and one on one counseling sessions to put their effort in the right places to make meaningful progress. As an actor in her own right with credits on Veep, Grimm and The Young and the Restless she knows the struggles an actor faces and the need to hear the right advice at the right time.

1:30 – Top 3 Key Points for Starting Out

4:00 – Foster Relationships.

7:20 – What is a Target List?

15:20 – Self-submissions.

23:00 – Why Aren’t We Taught the Business of Acting When We Graduate School?

27:00 –  Create Solid Goals.

Episode Resources


www.MentoringforActors.com – Sarah’s actor mentorship program.