Executing Your Plan 

with Eric Satterberg

A clear and detailed plan gives you a way to measure your success and steer clear of falling in the “what if” traps. You don’t have time for what ifs. You trade in why nots.

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Eric has served as an inspiration to me and many other actors thanks to his example of where hard work can get you. He has carved out a successful career working in commercials and television by laying out a roadmap of what he wants to accomplish and pushing towards those waypoints.  The struggle is real for all of us working actors, but having detailed goals has given him the clarity to remain in control and focused on taking his career to the next level.

2:50 – Why focus on commercials? 

8:57 – Has commercial work helped when working in Film/TV?

13:08 – What was your hustle in the beginning?

22:30 – Why is sharing your journey on social media important? 

26:36 – Eric’s plan for submitting self tapes.

Resources In this Episode:


Eric’s IMDB

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The Tao of Show Business, Dallas Travers