Agency Advice with Alexander Stine

You should never forget that you have to stay committed. You can’t just sit back and wait for your agent to send you out. Trust that they will be doing their job, but know that you still have a job to do too.

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Your representation is your business partner. Maintaining a healthy relationship ensures you are working together to take your career to the next level. What’s the best way to communicate with your agent? Can you send them auditions you find through breakdowns or submission services? How do you not annoy them but remain proactive? These are questions that every actor asks themselves and as you build your relationship with your agent or manager, you’ll know where your boundaries are.

Alexander Stine has some truly unique perspective as an actor. He is both an actor AND an agent. He gets to see both sides of the industry and shares what he thinks actors need to know when dealing with their representation. As an actor he’s been chalking up guest star spots left and right. You can see him on Orange is the New Black, The Mysteries of Laura, and Showtime’s The Affair.

2:16 – How does an actor get a job as an agent?

5:36 – How do these two jobs inform each other? 

8:30 –  How to maintain a healthy relationship with your agent.

12:06 – How can an actor assist their agent regarding submissions?

13:50 – Feedback…

18:50 – Build and maintain relationships with casting directors.

Resources In this Episode:


Andreadis Talent Agency


Audition, Michael Surtleff

How to Be a Working Actor, Mari Lyn Henry

A Challenge for the Actor, Uta Hagen


Gorilla Pod



The Tape Room

Amy Jo Berman