Managing Your Marketing with Mark St. Cyr

Figuring out your “brand” or your “type” helps to align this advertising around one cohesive statement that shows off your best strengths.

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Just like any successful business you have advertising. Your headshot, your resume, your reel, and your website are all part of a package that tells the industry who you are and what you do. Figuring out your “brand” or your “type” helps to align this advertising around one cohesive statement that shows off your best strengths. Simplicity wins the day here, because casting directors want to know what problem you can solve for them. They’ll ask, “Exactly where do you fit into the breakdowns I have in front of me?” Are you a highly talented, versatile performer? Of course, but when your audience has an opening on their call sheet, they only have a split second to decide if you can come in and kill it. Don’t leave room for second guessing. This will also help you spend less time running around going to auditions that make you feel unfulfilled, not quite right, or like you just missed the mark.  If you have branded yourself with a set of skills that you can deliver every time at the best of your ability, then you set yourself up for success every time. You are back in control.

Additionally, you want to use the best tools out there to share your success in a way that is consistent with your image and abilities. That way whenever someone thinks of you as an actor they immediately know what tone you can bring to a role, what skills you have, and how they can best use you. Making the choice easy for an agent, casting, or a director helps them and YOU. The choice is always yours to make and change when it feels right. It’s your business and you are the ACTOR CEO.

3:19 – What should actors know about how to brand themselves? 

8:50 – How to perform when the audition asks for a “stereotype.” 

13:14 – How to approach casting about being a reader? 

14:43 – The best way to reach out to casting directors. 

20:24 –  Mark’s favorite marketing tools.

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