Big Fish/Small Pond with Lauren Meyers

You may not be working in the the top two markets for acting, and that’s OK.

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The industry has expanded in such a way that actors can have access to incredible projects across the country that used to only be locked into Hollywood or New York. And technology makes it easier than ever to connect with the thousands influencers and content creators out there bringing their projects to the wider market. So you no longer have an excuse. You can get your act together and become one of the top working actors in your local market. But it won’t come easy. Cultivating the market you are in is a skill acquired through hard work, fastidious networking, and tireless focus. You have to keep your ear to the ground to find out what is happening and who is making it happen. Get to know the producers, directors, casting directors. Go on Deadline.com and find out what is shooting in your area and when. Know the scene and then become a part of it. When you take your career and your skills that seriously, you will separate yourself from the competition and prove that your business is to be part of this business.

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