What is Actor’s Guru?

Use this online tool to manage your acting life!

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The industry requires that you network, send out materials, keep track of assistants, addresses, emails, and so much more. YOU are the CEO and YOU are responsible to knowing WHO you met, WHERE you met them, WHY they are important and WHAT you should do next.

That’s a lot right? Where is your manager for all that? Well, that’s what ActorsGuru.com is here to help with. You can keep track of ALL THAT INFO in one place, online and access it anywhere, anytime. Plus the system will automatically connect and associate new information with other info you’ve entered in the past. So you can see when you type in that producer’s name you ran into last night, that you met them last year at a casting event. BOOM! Or let’s say you have an audition for a casting office and you type in the info into ActorsGuru.com and immediately see the last time you went in, what you wore and your notes about that audition. That’s some pretty handy info to have at your fingertips, right?

So head over to ActorsGuru.com and see what it’s all about.  You can get started with a 2 week free trial. You’ll even SAVE MONEY right away if you use the code ActorCEO to save 20% on your membership!

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