Using Your Work to Create Positive Change with Yuval David

Yuval David is committed to creating work that makes a positive impact on the world.

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You can see Yuval David on television, in theater or films just like many other actors out there making a career. But what sets him apart is the work he creates himself. Yuval has made it his mission to not only be constantly creating, but also to be sure that the projects he develops, produces, writes, directs, hosts or plays a part in are valuable because they push a positive message or aim to raise the consciousness of the audience about core principles that make humanity great.


He’s such a versatile artist and one that believes so strongly in the higher ideals of art and how it can improve the world around us by communicating truths. It was a pleasure to talk with him and I’ve shared some excerpts below.


Mike: You’ve taken it upon yourself to really make creating your own work and telling stories that you think are important, a big part of your creative life. Why is that important to you? And what tips might you have for actors who are looking to do the same?

Yuval: Absolutely. Well, you know, I’ve always struggled with hearing actors talking about waiting for their managers to call or their agents to call or the casting directors to directly call them with a project. And I just don’t believe that a creative person should allow themselves to be self-stifled by waiting for other people to provide platform for them.

We’re in a day and age where we can truly create our own platforms, we can create our own content, and it doesn’t have to be on a massive budget. And if you look at many of this, the successful content out there that either remained in its original platform in its original production style, or has become something greater, you’ll see that that truly can be done.

I love creating content, I focus on the narrative the way way I am an actor is the way I am a producer, it’s the way I’m a filmmaker is the way I am a content creator. And I just believe everybody should create their content. What what is your voice? What is your unique voice? What is your unique perspective on things and the same reasons why you get cast as an actor in a specific role is the same reason that you
apply or the or the same reason that your unique subjective voice can be interesting to an audience. So when you tap back into who you are, and what your perspective is, that just adds colored everything you do.

I actually, I used to be one of those actors, who’s like, Oh, my God, I can do everything, I can play any role. I do want person shows and in theater, yeah, I can, I can represent all these different characters. But when it comes to casting, especially in film, TV, and web, people are really looking to how you present and how an audience can consume, you can absorb you can understand you. And ultimately, while they might look at however many hundreds or dozens or a handful of actors, who are your competitors, say for a specific project, they also want to see what you bring, as part of your own unique voice to make that character real. And that’s what’s really exciting about what’s happening.

In our industry today, people are looking for much more reality, sincerity, and just truly genuine being. And when you can present your genuine self, it’s most interesting for an audience.

Mike: You’ve got a whole breadth of work. So going to your website is going to be a huge plus for anybody to check out because you’ve got all of your, all of your materials up there. Thank you so much for sharing not only your creative spirit, but your insight into bringing your particular vision through your creative work and into the world. I think it’s really powerful. And I appreciate your insight on how to do that for other people who are looking to do the same.

Yuval: It’s my pleasure. And what I have to add on to that is when I share my creativity and part of my process has been to make other people better, to entertain people, to make people laugh or to move them or what have you. And that that eventually led to my fusing
two different parts of my life.

I’ve always been very active within social activism. Understanding what civic duty is to make my community the best that it can be, my nation the best it can be. This world make it a better place. I mean, I even have a web series called Better World with the Yuval David. It’s all about what we do to make this world a better place. You can also see that on YouTube and Facebook.

And as as an actor, I realized again, going back to I know how to relay a message, I know how to relay a message as me and I know how to focus on the character and the narrative that I’m presenting. So how can I utilize that with social action? And I started doing that and right now I’m in the editing stages, almost done with another entry that I’m creating for the National LGBTQ Task Force contest and to basically take my unique voice and promote their voice. And that’s what we do. That’s what we do as content creators. That’s what we do as actors, as filmmakers, as theater people or what have you. We’re taking other people’s voices were presenting them. And that’s been a really wonderfully exciting thing for me to know that not only am I able to change an audience, but I can change society.

When we see movies, I mean, we have all these movies so the Oscars just happened. We were watching the Oscars and how these films affected our society are represented elements of our society. And that’s one of the beautiful things about art is when you look at art for social change, which is a big concept to me, and how can art change society? How is art a reflection of the society. Whenever you go back into history and research history, you look at the communities art, and what the art says about that community. So what is the art saying about our community today? And how can we artists, as leaders and representatives of the community as advocates for the community, present what is happening to the community? And that just takes all of this conversation to a completely different, life changing and a world changing level.

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