Eric Morris Shares His Years of Insight Teaching Actors and His New Book

No Acting Please and now A Second Chance at Life.

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If you’ve spent any time studying the craft of acting then you have no doubt come across Eric Morris’ most renowned book No Acting Please. If you’ve read it, you’ve done yourself a great service. If you’ve had the chance to attend any of his classes or workshops he hosts around the world and heard his teachings on “how not to act” and instead become a “professional experiecer” then you are in even greater company and have no doubt shifted your perspective about acting.

That’s what Eric does. He has spent 60 years developing exercises (around 300 at last count) that liberate the actor from their own self imposed blocks and let them be “free to act.” Additionally Eric’s system builds up a fundamental craft for each artists to deliver and fulfill the obligations of their dramatic material. And with names like Jack Nicholson and Johnny Depp singing his praises, it’s easy to see why Eric and his training have made such a fundamental impact on the acting community for decades.

Now with A Second Chance at Life Eric takes the techniques he has developed over the years that have changed the lives of so many actors and brings them to those outside of the creative community who are suffering from loss or trauma. These same skills and practices that help actors overcome bad habits of limiting beliefs or mindset traps that keep them locked in unproductive cycles Eric has seen actually help anyone who struggles with their own complicated emotions and triggers around loss, trauma, depression, or anxiety. Once again proving the power of art and it’s fundamental connection to the human psyche.