Working Actor David Dean Bottrell on Breaking In and Building a Life in Show Business

Some of the things that people liked about me as a person, were also the things that were going to be true about me as an artist.

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Taking a look at the vast range of characters and roles David has had the chance to play over the last 20 years is certainly impressive. He’s a terrific comedian and brilliant character actor that can leave an audience laughing or totally uncomfortable. All great traits for a professional actor.

But as David says in his new book “Working Actor: Breaking In, Making a Living, and Making a Life in the Fabulous Trenches of Show Business,” he came out of drama school aiming to be the next Sean Penn. Luckily that role was already taken, and as it turned out it didn’t quite feel authentic.

David then shifted his focused and has since developed a substantial career by really zoning in on what makes him the unique, quirky, lively person his friends and family have come to love and therefore traits that make for terrific and authentic characters for the stage and screen.