“I started out maybe a book or two a month…and then it really started to pick up because I built relationships and a business for myself.”

Actors who are looking to get work in the growing audio book marketplace should listen up. Unlike a few years ago when doing voice over/narration work for audio books seemed like a fringe opportunity that really didn’t matter, now the market is bigger than ever and growing fast. Plus, it’s pulling in A list pros! Wouldn’t you like to work on a project with Meryl Streep, Kate McKinnon, David Tennant or Maggie Gyllenhaal?

Audio book sales have grown 25% year over year according to Forbes and achieved $1 Billion in sales in 2018! No longer a fringe, “means nothing” market, huh?

Therese Plummer saw this opportunity early on and has been incorporating this robust business into her acting business. In this episode she shares her tips and insight on what it takes to build the relationships and skills that can make this part of your acting life really successful. 

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