Don’t wait. Tell the stories and do the things you want to do NOW! They will lead you to where you want to be.

Ben Whitehair is a champion for social change through art and business. He is a working actor in film and television, a certified business and mindset coach, and a successful entrepreneur.

When not on set, Ben is working with actors, creators, and businesses to create the life—or company—of their dreams. He is the chair of SAG-AFTRA’s NextGen Performers Committee, Chief Information Officer of TSMA Consulting—entertainment’s leading social media management and growth firm—co-taught a graduate class at UCLA on social media and the business of acting, and is the co-founder of Working.Actor, the premier business academy and coaching community for actors.

Previous endeavors include co-founding a company that saved college students $30 million, interning for Congress in D.C., and becoming a champion sheep and dairy cow showman. #TrueStory

It’s clear Ben has a ton of value to give actors like you who are determined to treat their career like a business. 


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