Your talent can be developed!

Anthony Meindl is an award winning writer, director, acting teacher, and founder of Anthony Meindl‘s Actor Workshop, which has studios in ten cities around the world.

His latest feature film, Where We Go From Here, premiered at Outfest 2019 to a sold out theater, has won numerous festival awards, and is now out on Hulu.

He is the author of three books, including best-selling Book the F*cking Job. His memoir, You Knew When You Were Two, will be out later this spring.

In this episode, Anthony and Mike dive DEEP into not only the power of storytellers in these times and the impact they can truly have on the world, but also the capability and responsibility we have as storytellers to always be learning and improving our skills. As we grow, learn, love, and evolve as humans our capacity as storytellers grows too. We should be mindful of nurturing that and ensuring we keep up with our own evolution so that we can bring our fullest selves to our craft and therefore deliver a more powerful experience for the audience.