Mastering Your Slash Life with Maria Aparo

Like any entrepreneur, you have learned to become skilled in many areas relating to your art in order to survive. Maria Aparo helps guide us to the next step, learning how to focus and manage your efforts to ensure your spending your energy in the right places.

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As an artist we often develop multiple careers at the same time. Actor/Writer/Director/Photographer. The list can be quite long. And sometimes it’s tough to manage it all at once or to focus on one aspect to get that part of your career moving along in the right direction.

Maria Aparo is very familiar with that type of management. As a producer/Actress/Entrepreneur she is very familiar with the Slash Life. She even started a movement focused on helping out others. It’s called The Slash Generation and you can find it on Facebook. There she helps artists of all types build a supportive community, manage their social media and communications, and learn more about taking their careers to the next level. She has also been coaching clients in business management and social media marketing. As an actress you’ve seen her in Amazon’s Red Oaks, on stage at the Venetian Theater, and in multiple film and new media projects.