Heasdshots with Ricardo Birnbaum

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When taking headshots, it can be easy to obsess over the perfect look, the best photographer, inside, outside, ahhhhh! Well guess what. It does not have to be that complicated. Your headshot should represent an honest version of you. The person you are naturally when you walk into that casting office. It’s too much work to get a shot of something that you have to work at or reach for when auditioning. Acting is hard enough and it works best when you come from a place of authenticity, and that is what your headshot should represent. An authentic you.

Sometimes, that’s easier said than done, right? Well Ricardo Birnbaum shares some fantastic insight in how to choose a photographer, make the session your own, and get the shots that are right for you. His tips for relaxing into the environment, being present, sharing your honest self with the photographer and learning to really love the camera are like the master class we all wish we had in taking headshots.

Born in Madrid, Spain he is also a filmmaker and actor who has worked with Ralph Finnes, appeared short films and TV mini-series stateside as well as a healthy resume of Spanish television work. His experience brings a unique perspective that really brings the best out of his clients. Stay tuned to the end cause there is a great discount on your next headshot session.