The Actor CEO Holiday Highlights 2016

Take the best actor advice and insight from 2016 to make the next year your best acting career year yet!

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This is the episode you requested that has all the great insight, info, discounts and advice from our guests in 2016 on The Actor CEO Podcast.

2016 has been a stellar start to the podcast thanks to listeners LIKE YOU!

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As a HUGE thank you, I’ve compiled the best bits into this post, episode & an email so you can access it and save for future reference. If you’ve enjoyed the podcast so far and think you have some actor friends who would enjoy it too, share this episode with them. Make it the gift that keeps on giving.  Share it here!

I want to start with planning, move to materials like headshots and reels, then talk casting and follow ups. In my view, this is the process that you will build, repeat, and then streamline into an efficient system that let’s you control what you can control and forget about what you can’t.

Use this holiday time to think about what you want out of the new year, and then make a plan that can get you there. In Episode 3 I talk to Eric Satterberg who has been killing it working in commercials and television in Los Angeles. Eric didn’t just fall into this consistent work though. He made a plan and worked hard to make focused choices about who he wanted to work with and where he wanted to be in the next few years. Breaking those goals down even further into smaller, easily accomplished tasks made his progress much more attainable. Listen to Eric lay it out:

So there is a wealth of info in that answer but I really love how Eric makes it clear that the plan, whether on a whiteboard or on our computer, is there to help you visualize your success and not forego your responsibilities. Such a great way to stay focused and driven towards your goals. You can find a free one sheet business plan that can help you achieve your #1 acting goal this next year by going to actorceo.com/plan. Print it out, write it on a whiteboard or keep it on your phone, but having a clear plan is a proven way to make sure your achieve what you set out to achieve.

Next up is a few tips about your materials. Headshots are a must for actors and sometimes there can be some confusion about the best photographer, style of shot, or type of look you want to represent in the industry. I had the recent pleasure in episode 15 to talk to New York headshot photographer Ricardo Birnbaum of Ricardo Birnbaum Photography and listen to his grounded, confidence boosting approach to headshot photography. Ricardo likes to make the session a conversation between the actor and the photographer and encourages the actor to look for the personal questions that open them up in an honest, real way. If you feel a little stiff, breathe, or laugh to get the endorphins flowing and the diaphragm relaxed. Don’t be aiming for a look so much as finding a topic to talk about or a piece of material you can recite that brings out your genuine feelings. Allow Ricardo’s sultry Spanish tones give you some perspective. 🙂

Ricardo was kind enough to offer a discount on photos along with this episode. Find him at RicardoBirnbaumPhotography.com and enter the discount code at checkout for 10% of your session and a free extra photo retouch. That’s over $120 off with 4 retouches. What a great gift!

You can also get his Free Headshot Checklist by clicking the picture below to download it right now! Have your To Do List for the Day Before and the Day Of your headshot session. Make it yours and make it great!

You can also take your business card game to the next level by using your headshot to create a stunning card with Moo.com. If you want $15 off go to actorceo.com/moo You’ll be able to take your amazing headshot and turn it into an amazing business card that will get wow’s every time you hand it out. I’ve been so happy with mine.

Now if you’re an actor looking to work in voice over, make sure you listen to Elizabeth Maxwell talk about building her success in the VO market in episode 8. Here is an excerpt about creating your voice over reel.

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Ba Boom! Onto casting. So all these materials and prep are built to get you in the room to book the job. So let’s hear some tips about working that room to your advantage.

Director/Camera Acting Coach Alberto Bonilla, Casting Director Jessi Blue Gormezano, & Actor Ryan Slater

Like any business, a successful meeting should be followed up with a thank you. And if you want to keep casting updated with your work, you should do it in a professional way. Send a thank you note or postcard or even follow them on social media and give them a shout out about what a great time you had auditioning for them. Most importantly, find out the most preferred way to engage with each casting office. It’s not the same across the board and above all be respectful and professional.  

I want to share the thoughts of Maria Aparo from The Slash Generation on Facebook in episode 13 who puts actor’s fears about pushing their work into perspective.

Don’t feel sleazy about marketing yourself or your work. It’s your job and no one is going to do it for your. Your building a group of friends who are excited about what you do as an artist.

Now let’s hear from Mark St. Cyr in episode 5 about using postcards effectively.

Another deep dive, I know, but Mark drops a lot of knowledge there that you can now use to make sure your marketing game is on point. What did you think, I would short you on the juicy info? During the holidays? Never!

And Finally let’s drop this little tip from our good friend Eric Satterberg who leverages access to industry professionals through platforms like Twitter.

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So now that you have some of the best insight from building the fundamentals to take your acting career to new heights by building a better business, I want to share some of my favorite pieces of advice on all things from some of our passionate guests.

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