Taxes for Actors with Dominic Comperatore

Taxes for Actors Don’t Have to Be Hard. Dominic Can Help.

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Taxes for actors can seem like a tough thing to figure out. Most artists stress out when this time of year arrives. I get it. We are contract employees that work many different jobs and many of those may put the burden on us of setting aside the money to pay taxes on those paychecks. It can all be overwhelming.

That’s why I reached out to Dominic Comperatore to help. He’s been preparing taxes for actors for years now and as an actor himself he knows exactly what it’s like to deal with multiple employers, not always have the most efficient paperwork, and struggling to ensure you’ve saved enough. Luckily he has the experience to set up a system that ANYONE can follow to create a stress free tax time for the hard working artist. Take a listen, take notes, and take control!