Marathon Not a Race with Mike Moreno

Your in this for long term gains not short term success.

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This industry has a tendency to highlight the most recent successes and enjoys the ol’ “rags to riches” story. The problem is that 99% of the time this is not accurate. There are plenty of actors who have spent years hustling, grinding, learning and working to get to the point where they are prepared enough to leverage a great opportunity that ends up landing them a project that gets them known by the public at large. It can take 20 years (or longer) to become an overnight success. 

So forget about holding yourself to that standard. Work on getting better at what you do best, doubling down on your skills and passions, and building real relationships with creatives in the industry doing work you love and who believe in you. Don’t succumb to the Fear Of Missing Out mind games that social media plays on you. It’s your career, not theirs. When you find you own way and build your own path, you’ll outlast all your competition. 

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