Jennifer Allcott

Creating your first film teaches you a lot. Mostly it teaches you who your friends are.

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Jennifer Allcott is a California girl who has bounced back and forth from New York City to Los Angels grabbing opportunities left and right, and never loosing her free wheeling spirit. At least, that’s been my impression. In this episode Jennifer does lay out some of the challenges of writing, producing, and acting in her first full feature she’s created with her best beau Josh Helman. The original goal was to create a short, but then the concept and ambition grew to the point where this four hander film became a 90 min down-to-earth story that has won some notable praise on the festival circuit.

Never a stranger to pointing out the absurd or exciting, Jennifer gives us a glimpse into her triumphs and struggles as a working actress looking for opportunities, but also as a creative artists insisting on creating her own opportunities to tell stories that truly inspire her. It turns out, they resonate with so many others too.