You’re an Actor and an Entrepreneur.

You’re an entrepreneur. Take some advice from another entrepreneur.

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I say it all the time on this podcast. You’re an entrepreneur. You’re running your own business and you are the CEO of that business. No one is going to be looking out for your future but you. So get all the info you can from those in this industry, but also from those who run their own businesses in a completely different field. You’ll be surprised what you can learn.

Akbar Sheikh started his journey as a homeless youth in San Francisco before hitting rock bottom and deciding to take control of his own destiny and built a successful business that now helps other businesses scale to 7 figures. Now he helps other companies do the same, but more importantly he has taken his health, spiritual wellness, finances, and life goals under his control. He had to better his mindset and person in order to achieve the dreams he wanted and his story is full of lessons for any creative entrepreneur. 

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