Dewey Moss Producing Theater

 If you want to make theater, this episode is for you.

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Producer Dewey Moss jumped on the podcast in the middle of his Off Broadway run of the critically acclaimed and award winning The Crusade of Connor Stephens​ to talk about what it takes to be a professional theater producer. His experience as a writer and director of both film and theater gave him the creative experience of knowing how to create projects, but there is a whole other side to getting the funding in place to build these projects out to their full potential and ensure they get the exposure and life they deserve.

Dewey recommends that budding producers should look for resources provided by organizations and online that teach the key steps to producing a show. Thinking about your project like a business is the first, and most critical step. You are asking for other people’s money and engaging in contracts. Your theatrical training will only take you so far before you’ll need to take on some serious education about the real business of non-profits, contracts, business plans, budgets, and much more. Dewey mentioned a couple of great resources which I’ve listed below.