Paten Hughes. Tomato farmer and creator of Heirloom The Series

A love of acting can grow alongside a love of the land.

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Paten Hughes lives an ambitious creative life. She is committed to working and auditioning in both New York and Los Angeles. She’ll happily take red eye flights back and forth from New York City to her home in California to make sure she is taking full advantage of the opportunities out there. That’s impressive.

Now add on top of that that she has also taken on the responsibility of growing her own tomatoes at a professional level that she sells to local restaurants and grocers. A passion for plants that has now grown into one of the most delicious side hustles I’ve ever heard of has also become the subject of her web series Heirloom on Vimeo.

I’m always impressed by actors who decide to buck the conventional norms of how an artist “should be struggling” and the “correct” way to make your own career, and instead forge a path that is unique to them and puts complete control of their own creative life in their hands. Hats off to Paten and the team behind Heirloom.

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