The 7 Best Acting Self Tape Tools Under $20

How do you jump from the stigma of “starving artist” to thriving artist? Why do so many actors subscribe to the #thestruggleisreal life? Is there a way to make income, save money, and be an actor all at the same time?

Luckily the answer is yes, but it does require some investigation to find a path that works for you. After years of studying, going through BFA and MFA programs, moving to NYC with an agent, auditioning, producing, and working on TV and stage, it wasn’t until I started The Actor CEO Podcast and got to talk to over 100 working industry professionals that I actually started to receive the detailed financial knowledge that we all should have had coming into the business.

I’ve taken their insight and boiled it down to the first 6 most important pieces of financial info that I believe actors need to know. You can read all 6 tips in this article I’ve written here for DailyActor.com.

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