Mary Dallas decided to start pursuing her passion at 48!

Mary Dallas has flipped the iconic image of start-up actress on its head. And it’s working!

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Mary Dallas is a Greek actress from Chicago who decided to move out to Southern California and pursue her dream of creating an acting career for herself at the age of 48. This is certainly not your typical story of starting out in Hollywood, but Mary has put in the work to courageously learn all she can about her craft, and take no prisoners when it comes to hustling auditions. You have to respect her focus and determination when you hear her tell her story, and to be fair, a lot of young actors could learn a great deal from Mary’s mindset when it comes to approaching auditions, castings, rejections and the skills it takes to work.

Uniquely, coming in as a more mature woman has also given Mary somewhat of a casting advantage, sure this industry is flooded with young ingenues, but there is always a need for a crazy neighbor, mom, aunt, piano teacher, school teacher, and so on, especially now with more streaming content than you can possibly comprehend. Mary knows this well and works to keep her skills in top shape while she gets audition after audition, and currently with her role in the upcoming season two of Barbie Rehab, with a type that has fewer and fewer actresses out there looking to scoop up those roles.

Good luck, Mary!

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