Rish is just starting out his acting journey and gaining some perspective through training.

Rish is in school for acting and has also decided to study filmmaking.

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Rish comes from an engineering background but has decided to follow his passion of acting. He is taking somewhat of a non-traditional path with workshop classes and studying filmmaking through an online course. While some may say, “why spend money on courses like this”, his law school friends or engineering friends actually get it. They say, “Oh right. You’re investing in your career, just like I am with mine. You pay out money to learn the skills necessary to be valuable in that business marketplace.”

We often try to romanticize the acting process to be much more than that, and on many levels it is. That is what makes it such a unique career. However, it can be very useful to be reminded that there is a “business marketplace” that makes up this industry and it has trends, booms and busts, in-demand skills, and particular systems that you as an actor should be aware of so that you can know where and how you fit best right now in this business. Your craft will always be part of it, but without the ability to market yourself effectively, invest in your continuing education, or build relationships around real world industry realities you’ll lose perspective and feel like you’re failing.

Perhaps sometimes the eyes of an engineer can see things most simply.

Thanks Rish!

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