Former model, Kimberly Leemans has worked around the country as an actor and now looks to find balance in this industry.

Kimberly has lived and worked across the country. The benefit of self tape submissions now let her live where she wants and find a new balance.

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Kimberly Leemans spent time doing photo shoots and working the runways as a model in NYC. Then she had the opportunity to really commit to her life as an actor and packed up and moved to Los Angeles. Since then, she’s worked on shows like Nashville and The Walking Dead, moving to different living locations while being able to submit for auditions thanks in large part do to the opportunities provided by self submissions and the shift in the industry that is now taking those tapes much more seriously.  It has become a lifestyle for many who consider themselves “digital nomads.”

Now, Kimberly has decided to find a more permanent home that suits a more calm and balanced lifestyle rather than forcing certain living conditions based on their proximity to “the city” – where all the work is. Kimberly has seen how effective remote auditioning can be and while she still has the willingness to make the trek to do an in person audition if necessary, she can maintain her auditions while finding time to explore her other passions – nature, filmmaking, producing, and writing.

Yet another reminder of how the industry standards and “typical actor lifestyle” are falling away and leading to much more independent artists who control far more of their own careers. This ain’t your daddy’s acting biz anymore.

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