Julian Silver is writing for CBS and Acting on ABC

Julian has followed a varied path in this business but it has given him unique opportunities and perspective.

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Julian has a day job just like any other actor. The only difference is that his job is to write…for other actors. He’s one of a group of writers currently turning out each exciting episode of Seal Team on CBS.  Not every actor gets such an in depth, behind the scenes look at the production process, but Julian has found it invaluable for his work in the audition room as an actor.

A deep understanding of how an episode of a show gets created, who might be floated as possible actors for the roles early on, and what information is given to casting all allows for incredible insight into why actors experience the audition process the way they do. In reality, it really shows how little control you as an actor have over the decisions being made and therefore do not need to stress yourself out over the process.

Julian echoes a sentiment that we’ve heard repeated often on the show – come in and do YOUR performance. You are always going to have some unique perspective or some genuine instinct about a moment that will make that role yours when you’re in the room. It’s these elements that perk up the casting directors and will make your reading stand out to the writers when they see the tape later on.  So your work should be spent less on “getting it right” or delivering a performance that “they are looking for.” You should spend your time on researching the show and who the writers are to get a solid sense of the tone and style of this writing and then use that info to fuel your own interpretation of the character and moments in your sides. That’s what actors are really trained for and that’s the work which will allow you the most freedom in the room. Especially when you’re given an adjustment.

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