Brendan Sokler is an actor and comic creator.

Brendan has taken his joy for comedy to new heights with his own production company.

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Brendan Sokler is an actor who loves creating comedic fun. He’s taken that joy of comedy and creating into producing his own work with another partner, Mark Clark. These gents are the founders of Punching Up Productions and are currently working on projects set to debut online and cruise the web and indie TV festival circuits.

In fact, Punching Up Productions already has a pilot that has premiered at Just For Laughs and ITV Fest . Brendan encourages any actor to explore their own creativity beyond working on projects for others, but also creating their own work. The marketplace is more accepting than ever of new and innovative content and platforms seem to pop up every day that allow creatives to reach an audience.

Take advantage of this unique time in entertainment and explore all your paths to new and exciting creative projects.

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