Take a listen to some of my favorite selections from our 2017 interviews.


Holiday highlights from 2017

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67 Jeff Seymour.

Jeff Seymour is the Author of The Real Life Actor and hosts a podcast by the same name. Jeff has been teaching workshops all over for years helping actors get past the confusion that sometimes comes from the traditional models of actor training. In fact, Jeff says that this system is outdated and often can get in the way of actors more than help them. As controversial or surprising as that may seem, I had Jeff on the show because I believe that every actor does find their way to their authentic work differently and I wanted to open up all the possibilities for actors out there. We all really have the same goal, “truthful storytelling” and Jeff’s work 100% supports that. His philosophy is letting an actor approach the work as they do their daily life as a person. He has found this produces more authentic, nimble and surprising acting moments for his students. Here is Jeff’s explanation from episode 67.

53 Fillipe

It’s incredible when you see friends doing great work. I met Fillipe working together here in New York City through the Shakespeare Forum and I’ve always been struck by his loving energy, passion, and true enthusiasm for acting. So it certainly came as no surprise when I saw that he had landed a fantastic role on the FX series Snowfall. What was surprising was to hear his story about how he auditioned for the role and eventually got word that he booked it. I think we can all relate to Fillipe’s feelings during the tumultuous ride of the casting process. Enjoy this candid and incredible story from episode 53

49 Miriam Hyman

Since I first found Miriam Hyman’s work as a rapper on Facebook aka Robyn Hood, I knew she was someone I had to follow up with. And of course she’s a brilliant actor as well. From her reassuring role on Blue Bloods to her incredible work onstage with The Classical Theater of Harlem, Miriam has explored a variety of her skills and found ways to merge her passions and inspirations, especially when it comes to the word play of Shakespeare. Enjoy her explanation from episode 49

47 Zach Fine

Zach Fine is an incredibly heartfelt actor, terrific clown, and hustling auditioned just like the rest of us. What struck me in our conversation from episode 47 was his honesty about dealing with the nerves and self-imposed doubts we all recognize in auditions. Hear him talk about his challenges and how he masters his fears.

45 Sonja O’Hara

Sonja O’Hara is taking the Indi TV scene by storm and it seems like every week she has another meeting lined up for one of her projects. I’m thrilled that in episode 45 she took me through her process of managing the enormous tasks at hand when putting together your own projects, and provided some encouragement for anyone else looking to follow her lead.

37 Mike Moreno Marathon not a race

In episode 37 I took a moment to share some great advice that I keep getting reminded of myself and helps every actor keep things in perspective. You have to know that this is a marathon, not a sprint. If you’re not in it for the long haul, you’ll burn out. Take a minute to listen and check in with your goals.

35 Leah McKendrick

Leah McKendrick is another actor and filmmaker who is furiously creating her own work and achieving incredible success with it. We took a moment to talk about why it’s not necessary to be living in Hollywood to have access to this incredible industry. Here’s our chat from episode 35.

31 Audition Psych 101 Michael Kostroff

I’m so glad I met Michael Kostroff and got the chance to have him share some of his process relating to auditions. He holds the Audition Psych 101 workshops all over the country and they are amazingly affordable. He now has a book out under the same name. His work gets you miles ahead almost immediately in you audition process. Here’s just a taste from episode 31

30 Elizabeth Davis

Elizabeth Davis. You know her from her Tony Nominated role in Once, Elizabeth Davis has been merging her passions for music and acting for a while, and when I met up with her in episode 30 she was combing passions again. This time she was getting to explore her love of Shakespeare playing Gonerril in KING LEAR here in New York city alongside legendary actor Austin Pendleton. Listen to Elizabeth share her process of building that character.

24 Ben Curtis

You never know who you may meet in this business and I’m grateful to have met Ben Curtis and learned about his incredible work helping actors gain more confidence, relieve stress and build up their spiritual endurance through Yoga and spiritual wellness practices.

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