Solo shows don’t have to be diaries. They can be current and dynamic!

Solo show performer Pandora Scooter teaches the art of solo performance.

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Pandora Scooter has spent years perfecting the art of performing solo shows here in New York City and around the country. She’s not only made it her mission to showcase stories of marginalized groups like LGBTQ or other minorities, but she teaches students how to create productions when they are the only writer, director, and performer in the room.

A stereotypical idea of solo shows conjure up ideas of awkward performances by failed actors looking to feed off the attention of a room full of people listening to how important they feel the stories from their childhood are. It’s this idea that Pandora looks to break from the outset. She teaches here students to be constantly curious about stories in the world that stir their own feelings and dig deep to find why that is and what about their understanding of these experiences is dramatic.

In the end, we are all human and can relate and empathize with others who face challenges or overcome adversity. What makes theater so powerful is we can literally come face to face with the characters, and sometimes the very individuals, whose life experiences do not grab much of our attention in the daily news or in any other media.

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