Poor Dog Group creates all their shows from the ground up and has toured internationally.


You may not be working in the the top two markets for acting, and that’s OK.

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Jonney Ahmanson graduated from Cal Arts with a deep understanding of experimental theater and what it took to create your own work. Cal Arts has always pushed to help artists not only hone their craft, but know how to do it without asking for permission from “the industry.” Jonney and the company members of Poor Dog Group came out of the gate with this same daring attitude.

While recently you’ve no doubt sen Jonney acting in commercials for Well Fargo, State Farm, or Pepsi, he started his acting journey 10 years ago right as we all entered an economic collapse. Oh ya, and it was then that he and a few founding members decided to start Poor Dog Group. So challenges were abound, but over time they have powered through, refined their style, and have garnered significant praise and international opportunities.

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