Find Your Voice and Use It!

Voice Over classes and coaches all start you off with the same information. It’s not just about your voice.

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Tawny Platis is a full time professional voice over actor and coach (with her editor and husband George), podcaster on The Dirty Bits Podcast on the Orbital Jigsaw Network, and marketing/business consultant in San Diego, California.

Tawny has worked¬†for clients like Similac Formula, Sawyer Products, Tencel Fibers, the Runtastic Fitness app,¬†and more! She’s spent years not only building her network and improving her skills as a voice over artist, but she has also taken her knowledge about a little understood side of the industry to so many curious and determined actors who want to learn more about voice over, how to get started, and how to build a sustainable career in this market.

On her Facebook Page you will find a wealth of educational videos, industry articles, insight into gear and set ups, and a load of fun and interesting moments plucked from her voice over auditions and gigs. She’s a lovely personality and a huge help to many who find it hard to get some legit info on the ins and outs and pros and cons to achieving a career in voice over work.

Tawny didn’t always work in this industry. One of the more fascinating things I learned in our interview was that during her senior year in high school, Tawny began the process of purchasing her first brick and mortar retail store. After selling the store to her management team in 2016, Tawny began her career as a voice over talent, having been a child actor in San Diego.