Alveraz Ricardez An Actor’s Journey Starting Later

Alveraz Ricardez was on his way to taking the bar exam, but decided to give his acting dream one last shot. Now he can play a lawyer on TV.

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Alveraz Ricardez always had a passion for acting, but life tends to take many artists on detours. Having spent some time away from that passion and coming to the end of his work to obtain a law degree, Alveraz had just to take the bar exam to begin pursuing a career as an attorney at 43 years old. There was just this little voice inside that asked him to give his dream of acting one last chance before moving on. He listened.

Just like every other actor, Alveraz started with no representation and worked on taking jobs to build up his reel., but the drive and commitment to give this go around at acting all his focus paid off. He quickly built a reel and a resume that allowed him to get better auditions and finally submit his work to agents for representation. That’s when the level of the auditions increased and Alveraz was even more committed to making “this acting thing” work out. He was booking jobs, improving his auditions, and building casting relationships that were bringing him great opportunities.

As Alveraz points out in the interview, this momentum was also thanks to classes with Jeff Seymour (episode 67) and other acting workshops that built his audition confidence. That’s where the real work is done week in and week out, and improving your skills for those 5 mins in a casting room can quickly improve your success.

Alveraz’s stories and experience are truly inspiring and full of practical advice for actors at any level. His career is one to watch. Share this episode with another actor who was thinking of giving up or not taking the leap, and don’t forget to support this podcast on Patreon at Patreon.com/ActorCEO to keep these interviews coming your way every week.

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