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Lot’s of good things going on in the back ground!

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Hey actors, Mike Moreno here. And I’m a bit under the weather this week so forgive me if I keep this episode short.

I wanted to jump on and let you know that we’ve got a lot brewing in the background for the Actor CEO. All good things. As I’m sure you’ve noticed we have a Patreon campaign running  that you can be a part of which helps not only keep this podcast moving forward, but it also opens up more and more content opportunities but also more resources for you the listener. In fact, this month our Patrons at the $15 level will receive a free copy of Year of the King, by Antony Sher in the mail. You get one great book on acting 4 times a year at the $15  level. And I want to thank one of our most recent patrons , Cory DiNardo, who joined us at the $2 per month level. This is incredible, and every dollar goes towards building a platform for you guys that gives you a mentor in your pocket week in and week out.

Next I want to remind everyone that Actor CEO will shortly be available through Anchor.com and the Anchor App. You will still get the same great show you love, but our iTuenes link will probably change. That just means you will subscribe again at a new link and be back on track.

Even though this isn’t as seamless as I would like, it is for the best. Hosting a podcast is a lot of work an some of the platforms that allow for this type of show can be more cumbersome then necessary. Anchor is much more streamlined and will make the process of uploading podcast content much easier.

Now is the time for you to give me your feedback. This show is growing and I want to deliver the type of content your looking for. I also  would live to hear from you if you like the show, have a favorite guest, or even where and when you listen. Take 5 seconds to shoot me a message on the Facebook page. You’ll even meet my new, and quite dramatic, robot assistant if you send me a Facebook message on the ActorCEO page. So go check it out.

If this show is valuable to you I want to hear it. That way I can constantly improve and we all know how much actors love applause. :-)

All right. Have an incredible week, be in apologetically you, and keep you eye on the prize. You guys are stars!

See ya!

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Year of the King, Antony Sher


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