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Not every actor needs to wait tables…

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I’ve said it before, actors develop a certain set of skills that can apply across so many different markets and businesses. You would be amazed at how many services, products, shows, or creative arts can be developed by smart, savvy actors who are willing to look outside the typical “waiting tables” job to make money while building their acting career. 

Dylan Mooney is a terrific example of a smart and savvy actor who created an industry leading app out of his own experience as an actor and the drive to use his creative focus on something other than waiting for the phone to ring. 

Actor’s Trade is an app born out of a serious need for a rehearsal partner that is not your roommate, significant other, class mate, acting coach or cat. Every single working actor has been in a spot where you have to rehearse sides for an audition but you are seriously lacking any semi-skilled reader to run these with you. Your audition is only as good as your rehearsal and if you run lines with your mom over and over, you will not be able to compete with the other actor who came in coached up and ready to rock. You. Need. An. Actor.

The Actor’s Trade App is a free app that connects you with actors worldwide. You upload your sides, read with another professional, and log your time. If you have been the reader for someone else then you can use your logged time to “buy” rehearsal time with another actor. Trade is the name of the game. Find it on the iOS store right now!

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