Booking Recurring Roles and Building a Following

You may not be working in the the top two markets for acting, and that’s OK.

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Chris Petrovski was born in Bitola, Macedonia, but raised in Auckland, New Zealand. At 18 he moved to Los Angeles after being offered a scholarship to study acting at the Stella Adler Acting Academy in Los Angeles. After working in Los Angeles on independent projects for a few years he booked a recurring role on Madam Secretary off a self tape! Incredible!

He made the decision to move to New York to continue the momentum brought on by his work on the CBS show. His most notable other recent credits include Coldwater, All Cheerleaders Die, H8RZ, Breaking Brooklyn, and soon to be released Paradise City.

In his spare time he manages a Facebook page for actors titled, IN THE MOMENT with over 120k followers and runs a headshot/self tape studio with his wife in Brooklyn, NY – inthemomenttaping.com and photography – www.alexandralemus.com

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