The Future

The Actor CEO Podcast is Growing and New Things Are Coming.

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If there is one thing I’ve learned as an “Actor CEO” it’s that the future is so often unpredictable. We do our best to prepare for what may come, but sometimes surprises can be right around the corner. Luckily, some surprises are quite good.

I was certainly surprised to find my little podcast featured in Backstage listed as one of the top 20 podcasts actors should be listening to back in August. What an absolute thrill to have one of the premier casting resources and industry information hubs take note of what we are building here at Actor CEO. And I say “we” because the truth of the matter is I could not be building a platform and resource for actors with out the help of actors. Actors are the listeners, supporters, confidants and cheerleaders. Actors help build the ActorCEO platform because they wanted it. YOU wanted it.

Recently I was at the Actor Pro Expo here in NYC and I was truly humbled by the number of actors I met who said they really enjoyed listening to the podcast. I got to hear personal stories of what episodes and information helped them through a challenging place in their career or why they were motivated to tell their friends to listen to the show. It was incredible to get that feedback as it provides the most useful energy towards fine tuning and improving this resource. It’s your feedback and voices that will take this platform into the future. The ActorCEO may have started as a podcast, but it is becoming much more and reaching many more motivated actors around the world. With the addition more blog posts, I’ll be expanding the resources section to provide more categorized and detailed resources based on the tools that actors are asking about. I’ll also be bringing more interviews with actors and industry pros in written form. I’ve found this to be an effective way to get the details we like to get on the show while allowing folks to respond in their own time.

While the podcast itself will continue, it won’t be a weekly release as it has been. The growth of the website, social media platforms and additional resources will be a great boon to followers of ActorCEO and I’ll be taking this momentum to actors and industry pros that we may not have been able to reach before. This will of course require time and patience in order to line up interviews and so they will not be broadcast weekly. I’m certain that the podcast will be moving into bigger and better territory¬†and I’m confident that this growth is bringing so many more actors together.

Thank you again. All of you. Thank you for your continued support and enthusiasm. Feel free to share your thoughts with me any time and to share your experience with the podcast with your actor friends who ask “Hey, why do you have everything so together?”¬†

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