The 7 Best Acting Self Tape Tools Under $20

Acting Blog Additions: RG thinks ActorCEO Is Priceless

Hi Actors! I’m Rhonda Gibson, aka RG, and I’m joining the Actor CEO blog to share insights, tips and resources you can use to build a sustainable career. 

I don’t know if I have a “how I fell in love with acting” story. I was an imaginative child. I had a cardboard box and a tape recorder. Writing was huge for me. It still is. I loved to write stories and play all the parts. Toys were not my thing. 

Growing up, my dad was a helicopter dad. He loved pushing me to the front to perform. He had a tremendous amount of faith in me. My mom shuffled me around from class to class and local commercial auditions. They went out on a limb to show their support and paid the price for it a few times. 

As I like to say, my parents conceived me on the red carpet. My dad won a trip off the radio to the Beverly Hills Cop II première. He and my mom had just gotten married. That was their honeymoon. I have polaroids of Eddie Murphy and Janet Jackson. 

I didn’t pursue acting for a long time. When I moved to New York in late 2018, it was huge for me. That’s why I believe having the right tools is crucial to your career. We learn from each other’s journey. Especially when we want to take charge. I’ve had successes, which at the time made me proud. Residual checks are not a myth, they are a blessing. Right now I’m focusing on being the most well-prepared actor, on either side. ActorCEO is an opportunity to exchange insider secrets, while we grow as artists and entrepreneurs. I think that is something we can all rally behind.

***Check me in 2020 contributing to Actor CEO Blog with the latest tools to help us make the most of our career.***