“Maybe I’m a jack of all trades and a master of none. Maybe I’m putting my eggs in too many baskets.” That’s a mindset that is limiting and old school. It’s not how the world works anymore. 

Daisuke (pronounced DICE-kay) was born in Kuwait City, Kuwait. His father, Hirohiko Tsuji, was an architect working there at the time of his birth. He moved to Chiba, Japan, when he was 2 years old, and then moved to Sacramento, CA, when he was 8. He started studying theatre at Rio Americano high school, continued at American River College, then transferred to UCLA, where he received his BA in Theatre Arts.


He became an acting company member of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival in 2010, where he has appeared in more than 10 productions.

In 2013, he moved back to LA to shift his focus on TV/Film. His role as the lead, Jin Saikai, in Playstation and Sucker Punch Production’s blockbuster hit Ghost of Tsushima introduced him to a huge audience of game fans.

Here he shares his experience and advice for actors interested in working in this genre. 


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