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Welcome to The Actor CEO Blog Interview Series. This is interview #1.

Let’s say hello to our guest, Marisa Vitali.

Thank you for joining me and thousands of actors across the world who look to ActorCEO.com to give them the best tools and resources to treat their career like a business.

M.V: Of course!!!!! Thanks so much for having me.

Let’s start by sharing some highlights of your career so our actors can know where you’re coming from.

M.V: I am an Award Winning Actor, producer, film festival consultant, motivational speaker and author in Los Angeles. My Award Winning Film GRACE www.grace-the-movie.com is screening throughout the country continuing the conversation of Recovery.  I have been featured in: Condé Nast, Backstage Magazine & LA Talk Radio to name a few! If you’re curious about a transformational conversation for creatives. Subscribe to the GRACE YouTube Channel here: http://bit.ly/WithGraceYoutubeChannel

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Fantastic! So let’s dive right in. When you look at the industry today, what opportunities excite you most?

M.V: WOW!!!!! I’d have to say accessibility. We have direct access to the people we want to collaborate with via social media. We have direct access to distribute our own work via digital platforms. And we have direct access to content as we are living during a time that our own personal stories and journeys are more important and relevant than ever.

The way that actors can interact with industry professionals and content creators these days is really extraordinary. What are some of the best paths you’ve witnessed for building important and solid relationships with those you want to work with?

M.V: Become your own content creator! Build your brand and tell your own story.  Having produced digital content at Conde Nast Entertainment I am now able to do this with my consulting clients. Build it and they will come. Attraction rather than promotion. This is the number one way to gravitate towards your like minded collaborators. Passion and enthusiasm are contagious. People want to jump on board once something is already “happening.” Get started now!

Would you share a time in your career where it became clear that this was as much about thinking like a business owner as it was thinking like an artist?

M.V: The first time I came out to LA, after having been in the NYC indie film scene and the avant garde theater scene, I realized wow this IS an entertainment business. Everyone in NYC is having conversations about art and LA they were having conversations about returns and monies being invested. That was a big AHA moment for me and shifted how I pursued creating art.

Of course there is a balance between show business and life, so what are the resources like books, music or routines you go to ground yourself as a creator.

M.V: It really depends where I’m at in my life mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally and what I need to do to attend to those needs at any given time.  Out of my go to library, I can say I am a HUGE advocate for Julia Cameron’s Morning Pages from her book The Artist’s Way. If you do nothing else from the book. Do that! As for working through a block Steven Pressfield’s The War of Art is always a Classic go to for me and I actually can’t wait to read his latest. Echart Tolle’s Book The Power of Now was a huge shift for me personally in bringing presence to each and every moment. As for practices; Kundalini Yoga is a GREAT way to raise your vibration or any other yoga practice, I can find myself alternating meditations from Doctor Joe to Abraham Hicks to the ever loving Ho’oponopono Prayer.  Yummy Yogi Teas are a must for my mood, along with a hot epsom salt bath, and a full Vegan diet. And oh yes! You can spy me every now and then on the dance floor as I LOVE a GOOD HOUSE Party!

Fear is something all of us as artists deal with. Fear of failure. Fear of the unknown outcomes. What are some practices or techniques you use to overcome fears you might face when working in this business?

M.V:  In this area I LOVE the work of Robert and Michelle Colt from Inside Game. They teach some key processes in harnessing the mind and how to “let go” of the resistance and fears that can be holding you back.  They actually just came out with a fantastic download that they now have available on their website as well. If you want to up your game and get out of your own way….Check them out! www.Insidegame.com

I’m always encouraging actors to be in charge of their careers. I say, “control what you can control and forget about the rest.” Where have you found inspiration recently to go after what you really want out of your career?

M.V:  At this point in the game, I rarely even use the word “career” as it’s more just my life, the way I live. I’ve been playing a lot with the idea that life is a dance and have found myself embracing the dance move called “the pivot.” Meaning: If something isn’t working, hitting, responding as it should I pivot to what is calling me or where feedback seems to be coming from. It might not be what I “want” however it’s where the universe is leading me. And so in this way I continue to follow the signs as to where to go and what to do next.

As we close the interview, I want to make sure you get a chance to share what you’re excited about next and tell us where we can follow you online to see all the great things you’re up to.

M.V: I’m super excited about the NEW GRACE Youtube Channel which is a transformational channel for creatives. To join this conversation, you can SUBSCRIBE here:  http://bit.ly/WithGraceYoutubeChannel  

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