ActorCEO has reached 200 episodes and I want to give a huge shout out to those of your who have been tuning in since the  beginning. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. And to those of you who have joined me recently on this journey, thank you so much for taking your career seriously enough that you looked for business advice from pros and found this resource. I cannot tell you how helpful that will be as you grow your career and build a sustainable creative life for yourself. 

This episode is focused on some highlights and stellar advice shared by actors on the podcast over the years. Part one of the recap series was VO, Agent advice, Casting Directors and stuff like that, but this episode is all ACTORS. Working pros giving you insight that will help you build a business. So Old or new, if you find any piece of the insight you hear to be useful or helpful, do me a huge favor and share The Actor CEO Podcast with one actor friend. You can tag @actorceo on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter and of course you can use the hashtag #ActorCEO if you want to share something that totally hit you hard while tuning in. I would really appreciate and honestly your actor friends would too. 

Resources In this Episode: