Therapy is really for everyone.

It might seem cliché that actors go to therapy. It’s probably because we actors are so “in touch with our feelings.”

While that might be true, the fact of the matter is that therapy has been out of reach for most actors (and honestly most people) for a very long time. Three main factors seem to keep it out of reach – cost, time, and location. 

But now, thanks to platforms like BetterHelp those three factors are no longer obstacles. That means that everyone can now have access to the mental health services that make us feel more fulfilled, in control, positive and motivated to reach our goals. 

My interview with Aiko Takemura is no accident. I’ve worked with her as a client on BetterHelp with the ability to text, call or video chat anytime!

Her insight and perspective I thought vibed so well with my views as an artist and creative. I wanted to work on managing my negative emotions better so as to not let them control my actions or energy (especially anger) and through working with Aiko, I gained much more than that. I gained a deeper understanding of trauma I have and still do experience in the world to various extents, the capacity I have to deal with negative events or experiences, opening my perspective to see when my ego wants to perceive circumstances one way when the reality could be much simpler and less emotional, and finally, she continues to provide tools and resources that help me check my mindset and persist towards more choice in my emotional and mental state. 

Actors, you WILL benefit from therapy and there is no time better than now to check in with a qualified professional and take this affordable, accessible, and easy opportunity to help yourself. 

Use BetterHelp for free for one week and empower yourself to achieve your full potential.