Align your acting and your side hustle. Then they will feed each other. 

From outstanding recurring roles on The Sopranos and Scandal to multiple TV and film credits, Matthew Del Negro was living the working actor dream!

All highs are temporary in this business, however, and suddenly Matthew found himself without work.  But instead of bemoaning his fate he decided to create something he could build, control and feel passionate and confident in. This turned out to be the 10,000 Nos Podcast which which has made him one of the faces of perseverance and resilience interviewing world renowned athletes, celebrities, and leaders focusing on overcoming challenges.

And now this has led to a publishing deal. His book, about learning to overcome rejection no matter what you do for a living, focuses on the 10,000 NOs he has endured on his road to Hollywood. It will be available wherever books are sold in October of 2020.

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