I need an actor to give me weapons.

Jason Lockhart is a talent agent from Los Angeles who relocated to the southeast market in 2017 as the head of TV and film at one of the most prestigious agencies in Atlanta.

Known for his brevity and fast-spitting candor, Jason’s book Ask an Agent: Brutally Answered Questions for Actors of All Stages,” propelled to number one on Amazon’s Best Sellers list in the Performing Arts Industry. He is also an accomplished filmmaker, having worked with National Lampoon and sold two feature films as an award-winning writer/director, one of which the CW picked up as a movie of the week. In this episode Jason goes in depth into what actors need to have so that they can land and keep an agent.

Plus, what are the choices you should be making as an actors to upgrade your submission, audition, and creative skills to ensure you are competing at top level in this evolving market? Find out in our interview. 


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Ask An Agent book