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Acting Class Online for Beginners and Actors Growing Their Career


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Are you just beginning your acting career and looking for a clear path to sustainable success? Maybe you’ve been acting for years in small projects but now you are looking for a new agent, to change up your type or to discover what steps you’re missing to take your career to the next level.


As an actor you are a business and you’re in control. Which means you don’t need to wait for permission from anyone else to move your business forward. 

But…having some expert insight, guidance and support would be an advantage and time-saver.

Wendy Alane Wright has been working in the entertainment industry for over 30 years. Starting as a singer, then an agent and now a talent manager she has devoted herself to stop letting actors fail by just “figuring it all out on their own” and start helping them succeed by understanding the business. After years sharing acting business advice on the number one YouTube channel for actors with over 5 million views, and then sharing advice from over 200 agents, coaches and casting directors with 75K actors in her Facebook group, Wendy has now put all this experience into the first-of-its-kind, easy to follow and incredibly affordable online class for actors called Hollywood Winners Circle


This is the only online acting business program of its kind and there is a reason no one else can match it



This online acting business class contains: 

  • 5 Levels of learning with over 40 video lessons.

  • Access to the Winners Inner Circle with weekly group coaching calls, industry Zoom guests, and a private Facebook group.

  • Full Q&A recordings of past industry guest sessions answering actor questions.

  • Recorded coaching calls to see what’s working best for actors like you.

  • 200+ page workbook to track your progress.


The Hollywood Winners Circle has seen alum doing some amazing things. 










Want to see more success stories? Visit the HWC page here.


Okay, I want to start my acting career right but…


I’m concerned about spending money online and getting scammed? 

Well there’s a 100%  money back guarantee within the first 10 business days (Mon-Fri) of purchase or from the first 10 days you start the course – whichever is longer.


I think you can learn the same from YouTube or free workshops? 

Maybe…but that is a TON of time you are taking up and a lot of that info will overlap and repeat. You have to spend the hours, days, months working through it to get what actually works for you and moves you forward. 


I don’t have any money to spend on learning about the business? 

Well, you’ve choses to start a business (yes, acting is a business and you are the CEO) but you have no capital (money) to get it going? Doesn’t sound like a solid business foundation does it. Passion for the craft is crucial, but knowing what is industry standard, how agents want you to reach out, how to get great materials (headshots/reels/self tapes), and what is actually working for other actors who are currently working is what pushes your business forward faster than anything else. 

If you want that, then HWC is the place to be. (Psst…there is also a payment plan)


I’d rather spend my money on things that really matter – like headshots!

Your marketing materials are very important as an actor. (That’s a whole section in the course) But take a moment to audit what you actually spend your money on. Are you being so wise with your spending to say “I only pay for what matters.”A whole year of spending money on Starbucks would cover the cost of the course. A couple nights out with your friends at the club would cover the cost of this course. Your last AirBnB trip to celebrate your friend’s birthday would have covered the cost of this course. So when you look at where you spend your money, you might find you could focus more of that financial energy towards your career and see dramatic results. 


I’m feeling that nagging self doubt. Will I finish it? Will it work for me? Will I regret it?

Seriously, that never goes away. Every time you reach a new peak in anything you’re working on, there is always another peak to get to. That’s the human experience. And if you listen to the actors we all love (Meryl Streep, Mark Ruffalo, Viola Davis, Brain Cranston, Amy Adams) they have all been honest about their own self doubt – even at the level they are at. But there is one difference, they accept it as a natural part of this process of doing brave new things and move through it. THAT is what separates the professionals from the amateurs. So fear not. Your commitment and drive to build a sustainable creative career will always move you forward. 




Acting is a long game. Those who survive know the business.

The ability to learn from an expert, anywhere in the world should not be overlooked. And the fact that there is more work for actors than ever before (have you seen how many shows are streaming? ) and more auditions are self tape submission than ever before means that you don’t even need to live in Los Angeles to actually start and build your acting career. 

Everything you need to know is in this course and Wendy keeps giving you more and more insight, advice, guidance and help along the way with her incredible HWC Facebook group. 

I can’t stress enough that learning the business of the acting industry as well as developing your craft must go hand in hand or you’ll be left wondering why things are going so well for others but they aren’t working out for you. 

School doesn’t teach this. 

Your agent won’t teach you this. 

Even your fellow actor friends only know so much.

But Wendy does teach you, just like she has taught thousands of other actors, and now does it in a course that makes it easier than ever to light that creative fire inside you and put in the smart work to build the career of your dreams. 

Check out the Hollywood Winners Circle! 

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