Remember, CEO’s, all of them, seek council.

DaJuan Johnson doesn’t like to say how many years he’s been in L.A. as an actor. He doesn’t want other actors to use that number as a comparison to where they are at in their own careers. You should never compare your journey to another actor because you have no idea what benefits, challenges, or unique circumstances played out in their journey.

But DaJuan does like actors to take notes on certain aspects of his acting journey. Namely, his process of taking control of his own career, building industry relationships and advocating for yourself regardless of your level or representation. 

Even with exceptional skills and a terrific resume (General Hospital, Grey’s Anatomy, Bosch on Amazon) DaJuan still knows the importance of building and maintaining business relationships with the folks you want to work with. 

He shares his insight in this episode from diligently supporting the work you’re a part of on social media, interacting with fans, and even sending some sweet treats to the casting folks you want to work with as pilot season ramps up. 

Take notes actors!