The 7 Best Acting Self Tape Tools Under $20

Black Friday is back and early this year! This means you can make those upgrades to your home studio, get new tools or stock up on supplies ahead of any of the holiday supply chain issues. Don’t want to be stuck without your purchase right when you need it…

I’ve put together a list of deals any working creator (or even one still in school) could use. So put some thought into what you need and let’s go!

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Creators of all stripes can use the deals we get on Black Friday to get the gear or tools we need to let loose something amazing going into the New Year. This year brings some new concerns like supply chain shortages so retailers like Amazon have dropped Black Friday deals early. (Now’s the time to upgrade that work-from-home creative hub of yours!)

Take a peek at 6 deals listed below and make sure you check in on the Deals Page to see what pops up each day. 

Here’s the Amazon Deals Page.

Daily Deals change and last for a limited time.

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Standing Desks

I know I cannot do work sitting for hours on my computer at home on the couch or on the bed without feeling it the next day. Standing desks like these adjust height and allow for better posture in front of your work station allowing you to feel much less exhausted or tired throughout the day and your back will thank you.

Early Black Friday Standing Desks

Having an adjustable desk also means you can find a better position for your hands, meaning those of us using the keyboard and mouse constantly (like graphic designers or writers) will feel far less strain in their wrists and hands. One more win for remote work! 

You could even bike while at your desk 🙂


At Home Studio Gear:

10” Ring Light with tripod

10 inch ring light early black Friday deal 

LED 3 light setup – Save $50 on a lighter, adjustable and versatile lighting setup. 

Black Friday 3 led light color changer kit

Sony Headphones – cheaper option to Beats or Airpods.

Sony headphones

Beats Studio Buds – noise cancelling and make calls.

Black Friday Beats headphones

Apple AirPods – Switch from you phone to your computer wirelessly .

Black Friday Apple Air Pods

SanDisk storage – get your storage on. Great for those recording content on DSLR or mirrorless cameras. 

Black Friday San Disk 128 gb

Other Items:

Kindle Paperwhite – Paper and supply chain issues shortages are affecting real life books…so why not get this instead.  (32 gb). There is also an  8 gb version.

Black Friday Kindle Paperwhite

Keep checking back because Amazon will even have daily deals rolling during the Black Friday sale where you can save even more on select products – like these 2 softbox lights with adjustable colors for 10% off. (Limited time)