Maintaining Momentum with Katie Amanda Keane

It is hard to step into this industry and be met with so much rejection. But you knew it was going to be tough.

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You have to maintain a positive perspective and realistic expectations when thinking about your career. If you think you can come out of school and make it in one or two years, get out now. You will be severely disappointed. But if you know that this journey is a process of learning, building legitimate relationships, temporary highs,  and being ready to get back and grind away again, then you’re ready.

Katie Amanda Keane has spent over ten years in the business and has held on by being grateful for the success, always looking to learn something new, and knowing that tomorrow is another day that will bring another opportunity. You’ve seen her as a series regular on Ruby and the Rockits, in commercials, roles on Major Crimes, Rizzoli & Isles, NCIS, How I Met Your Mother, and now is writing and producing her own work (some of which has already been pitched to major Networks.

2:18 – Starting out.

6:00 – What do casting workshops give you?

7:24 – How to fast track your learning curve.

12:47 – How to stay grounded and focused.

15:26 – Building relationships with casting.

20:27 – Creating your own work.

26:30 – The best advice.