“What’s cool about acting is when it’s done well you don’t see it.”

Tony Babcock is an award-winning Actor and has been working in the entertainment industry for over 20 years. Tony has trained predominantly in NYC, Toronto, and Vancouver.

Tony also owns Improv Your Acting studio in Toronto, Canada. He started IYA Studio for Actors nine years ago with a mission: to bridge the gap between improv, acting, and life in order to help actors reach their full potential and enjoy the journey. He has helped thousands of actors to be more successful in their careers. He is also a certified life coach, NLP practitioner,  motivational speaker and author. 

He can be seen in many productions including Extreme Actor on Fearless and Bell, “IRL: The Series” (Bell Media Fibe TV 1), “Beyblade: Shogun Steel” (Cartoon Network), “Can’t Miss Thursdays” (Teletoon) and Treatment (Winner: Best International Film, NYC)

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