Moment has deals right now on equipment to make your self tape and at-home-audition life much better.


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When is it time to take advantage of Fall deals? Right now! It seems like every outlet has either “Early Black Friday Deals” or some sweet fall savings. So now is the time to upgrade your situation!

I’ve listed some of the deals going on at Moment right now:

Save $20 on a 1080 webcam.

Maybe yours is busted or you never upgraded beyond the built in camera on your laptop. Well, now you can have high quality Zoom callbacks with this camera at a great price. Click here or the picture to see it.

Save $100 on the #1 name in microphones.

RODE is the king when it comes to quality mics and now their second generation wireless mic kit is on sale at Moment. If you are looking to upgrade from a shotgun mic or want something better suited for on the go auditions, then check this out. Click here or the picture to see it.

Savings on phone cases.

Moment cinema quality lenses are the best phone lenses on the market (You can see the one I recommend for self tapes here) But you also need a case to connect them to your phone. Luckily, they are on sale too! Click here or the picture to see them.

Upgrade your lighting, camera and audio skills with classes on sale!

Moment has some top pros teaching you the best tips and tricks when it comes to making what you capture on camera look AMAZING! Since no one freaking taught us this in school, it would be a good idea to learn. And at a discount, it’s a plus. Click here or the picture to see them.

Happy deal hunting, actors!

Look at the Moment 58mm Lens here if you’re interested in upgrading your self tape images. They are the highest quality at the most affordable price for this type of equipment, but you can also stay tuned as they have some sales during the year on this equipment as well.